Geneva Program

The Geneva program involves various genetic screenings, that make health coaching much more personalised

A major scientific breakthrough was achieved in 2003 with the complete mapping of the human genome. This has forever changed the face of medicine with greater understanding at the molecular level of the mechanisms of both health and disease. Genomic medicine is the way of the future, as both health and disease become more personalised. It is still a relatively new field, but is developing and progressing with leaps and bounds.

In SA the prevalence of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease is rising rapidly. More than 50% of South African women are overweight or obese, and in 2006 already it was estimated that approximately 1.5 million South Africans lived with diabetes (Steyn et al 2006). Many of these chronic debilitating diseases can be prevented with good insight into lifestyle choices, and an understanding of what you can do to take control of the situation and improve your condition.

The genes we carry significantly impact our health and susceptibility to various diseases. The discovery of prognostic genetic markers is increasing at a astonishing rate, and nutritional genomics, which studies the genome-wide influence of nutrition, is going to add another whole dimension to the prevention of diet related diseases.

We are all different as determined by the genes that we inherited from our parents. Besides obvious differences in how we each look, there are also other small differences in our genetic coding that we cannot see. These small differences, unique to each of us, determine our response to various foods, exercise and even medication. By analyzing these small genetic differences, dietary and lifestyle recommendations can be made that will allow for optimal health.

Genetic variations found in an individual are not a sign of illness, and are found in all healthy individuals – some variations might even be beneficial. It is important to remember that your genes cannot change but your lifestyle can!

At this point there are two genetic screening procedures available – one for optimizing health and well being by screening for 20 low penetrance genes involved in amongst others, cholesterol regulation, inflammation, insulin sensitivity, bone health and anti-oxidant status.

The second genetic test available is for managing weight and obesity. Following evaluation of genetic differences in metabolism, fat loss and dietary fat absorption, an alternative lifestyle, diet and exercise regime is recommended and fully explained, that will optimise your potential to regaining a healthy weight.

This Geneva program is not another diet or weight loss system that sells you a specific product. It is rather a scientific approach that recognises that every individual has a different genetic make-up and that your specific problems can never be solved with a one size fits all approach.

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