Corporate Health Coaching


Knowledge and wisdom are the tools with which to control one’s business and so too one’s health. Within the professional market sector there is a huge need for insight and understanding into all health related matters (health coaching), which would ultimately result in lifestyle changes of personnel that are truly sustainable.

By investing in the personal wellness of employees, the company’s wellness and productivity will with time increase accordingly:

  • Benefits to Employer
  • Employee feels healthier and in better control of his/her life
  • Employee more productive and efficient
  • Employee more balanced
  • Employee more focused
  • Employee more positive
  • Employee’s private life inevitably happier
  • Employee feels company really cares
  • Less time off to visit doctors
  • Less absenteeism
  • Employee a better team player
  • Increased company loyalty
  • Employee feels wealthier from this investment, despite no monetary benefit
  • A win-win situation for both

Packages, Programs and Workshops

Each and every package or program is designed according to the specific needs of the company.

Workshops on various health related topics are also possible

Geneva Program (genetic evaluation) for the corporate environment

  • An individualized, genetically based sustainable program screening 8 genes for weight loss and weight management. Click here to read more.
  • An individualized, genetically based program for optimizing health and wellbeing through screening of 20 genes involved in various biological processes, such as cholesterol metabolism, inflammation, detoxification, bone health, and insulin sensitivity amongst others. Click here to read more.
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