Health Insight is a company with offices in Pretoria and Cape Town that specializes in Health Coaching, both individually and for groups, both inside and outside the corporate world.

What is Health Coaching?

A path followed by individuals whereby they are empowered to take full responsibility for their personal wellness and health. This is achieved by understanding all the factors that determine one’s lifestyle, coupled to a good tracking system whereby the harsh reality of one’s habits comes to the fore, Blood tests give us a further insight into the internal environment of your body, and then finally health coaching takes on a highly personal side through genetic screening. This allows you to fully understand all that is needed to look after your most precious asset, your health.

Personal Wellness:

Life is full of choices. If one is empowered with understanding it is easier to make choices, especially if they are difficult ones. Ones lifestyle, which is one such choice, directly determines ones present and future state of health. One cannot live a life without stress or pressure, but it is how one deals with it and how one balances it, that determines the final outcome.
“Wellness” is an overall health of the mind and body that results in an optimum sense of well-being. It’s what gives us a “zest for life”.

Knowledge – the tool:

Ultimately knowledge is the tool with which to control your lifestyle and health. My aim is to impart this knowledge to all parties so that they can control their health in a sustained manner. Diets are like fads – they come and go; however, balanced lifestyle is the only permanent tool to personal and business success. This choice varies from person to person, from situation to situation, but requires a conscious, informed decision to suit each circumstance.

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