Health Coaching the Health Insight way

We all live in a world that seems hell bent on a mad rush to nowhere. Yet this hectic life takes its toll on the average person’s health and lifestyle.  We all know someone suffering from an ailment  caused by tension or bad diet or lack of exercise or a genetic predisposition or a combination of these factors.

The solution offered by the medical system is drugs and this isn’t always the optimum solution.  I have been blessed to have obtained a Masters degree in Biochemistry (the micro environment of the body) and a PhD in Physiology (the macro environment of the body), as well as a diploma in Chemical Pathology.  All these disciplines have given an unique perspective of the human body and an ability to integrate all functions of the body, both at micro and macro level.  This knowledge adds substance to my passion that we are the owners of our bodies, and thus can take control of our health destiny, in many cases without resorting to drugs.

The human body functions as an integrated whole and I have made it my mission to equip my clients with knowledge and understanding of how this complex piece of machinery called the human body works.  Interpreting your blood tests (health markers) often give some indication of the internal environment and can act as an early warning system of imminent trouble or a disturbance.

The more insight and understanding we are empowered with, the easier it is to make healthy choices and good lifestyle decisions, which are then more sustainable.  This is the essence of health coaching.  I offer health coaching with a difference – namely, a scientifically based, integrative  approach with time to explore problems deeply.

In the ensuing weeks I will use this blog to share some of the vast body of vital knowledge and facts concerning your health with you.

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