What is “me” time?

There are various definitions of “me” time, for instance:

“Time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy.” (Oxford Dictionary.)

“Time to do what you want to do.” (Cambridge Dictionary.)

Part of living a healthy and happy life is to make time to simply do something that you enjoy on your own, without feeling guilty about spending time with yourself and not with others. “Me” time does not refer to being alone, but to quality time, doing what you love!


The value of “me” time

Taking time off on your own has psychological and physical benefits. When you focus on an activity just for your own enjoyment, stress levels go down and you recharge your batteries. It helps in maintaining a good sense of self-worth and boosting your mental well-being.

Both men and woman have the need for “me” time in between the demands of their busy careers and social commitments, which include their families. Taking time out for yourself is not only a luxury, it is a necessity. Inner happiness will increase as “me” time is utilized, especially if these activities are of a positive nature.

At the psychological level “alone time” can reboot our brains, help us unwind, improve our concentration, make us more productive, gives space for self-discovery, and allows time for deep thinking, aids in problem solving and enhances our relationships. Studies at the University of Michigan found that a lack of “me” time is a bigger cause of unhappy marriages than a “less-than-satisfying” sex life.


How to find “me” time

It is important to make time for “me” time.  Be firm with yourself (and others) to set aside the time and keep to it.   

A few ideas to find ‘me” time is to wake up 30 minutes earlier than the rest of the household; close your office door at times; get away from your computer, cell phone and other “gadgets” for a while; make regular (weekly, or monthly) dates with yourself.

Another approach is to invest in new games, a musical instrument or sports equipment that would give you quality time experiences.

Feeling connected to others can lead to happiness, so finding “me” time that connects you socially to others can be very rewarding, such as joining a club of some sorts; spoiling yourself with a massage or manicure/pedicure; going on group hikes or camping trips; or even making time for picnics or sundowners with friends on a regular basis.



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