Possible reasons for Bruising easily

Bruises usually follow after a painful bump or other type of injury.  When you start noticing bruises without consciously remembering any injury, there may be certain medical conditions at play.  If you experience unexplained bruises, it may be best to see a doctor.

Aging – Your skin gets thinner as you age, and loses some of the protective layer of fat that has a cushioning effect when you bump into something. This results in easier bruising with less force involved.

Some medication – Some medications (including aspirin and other blood thinners) reduce the blood’s ability to clot and can lead to easier bruising.  Certain steroids thin the skin and can also cause easier bruising.

Blood disorders – Some blood disorders (such as hemophilia and leukemia) make it harder for your blood to clot properly, resulting in easier bruising.

Sun damage – Excessive exposure to the sun over time can gradually weaken the skin and result in reduced pliability and resilience. This leads to easier bruising that is also more noticeable.

Intense exercise – Excessive straining during exercise can cause bruises due to tiny tears in the blood vessels.

Family history – Fragile blood vessels may run in the family and cause easier bruising.

Diabetes – Dark skin discolorations may develop in areas of the skin, but this is not due to bruising, but to the underlying insulin resistance in people with diabetes.

Heavy drinking – Heavy drinkers may bruise easily due to the liver not functioning properly and not producing ample proteins that are needed for blood clotting.



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